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Hair Care

Hair Care

The best oils for our hair 

In nature, there are all the resources necessary for our well-being. No matter what difficulties you face with your hair, know that there is a vegetable oil that will help you overcome them. Because we love to please you, here is a list of our…

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5 tips against hair loss 

For centuries humans have tried to find natural ways to curb hair loss. In this article, we’ll show you the best tips: Herbal remedies: Natural remedies that can be used to help treat hair loss include herbs, such as saw palmetto and horsetail, or vitamins….

Hair Care

How to make a dry shampoo recipe? 

Conventional dry shampoos are often offered in the form of an aerosol spray to facilitate their application. It only takes a spritz to leave your hair feeling clean and silky again, as if you had just washed it. However, these aerosols contain a whole slew…

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