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Rose quartz roller cancer
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Rose quartz roller cancer warning 

What is a Rose quartz roller cancer warning? Rose Quartz is known for its healing properties, but some people say it has negative side effects too. Is it true? Rose quartz is a form of quartz crystal that’s often associated with love and romance. The…

Philips Lumea
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What Is The Best Philips Lumea? 

What is the best Philips lumea? Philips Lumena is a brand name for LED lighting fixtures. They offer a wide range of options from ceiling lights to wall sconces. Their luminaires come in various sizes and shapes and are designed to fit into any space….

blueberry water for dark circles
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How to use blueberry water for dark circles? 

How to use blueberry water for dark circles? If you have dark circles, bags under your eyes, or even conjunctivitis, blueberry water is for you. It is an effective soothing and decongestant natural remedy. For my dark circles (yes, I am already over 50 years…

the negatives to dermaplaning
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What are the negatives to dermaplaning 

18 Home laser hair removal What are the negatives to dermaplaning?  Dermaplaning is a procedure where skin cells are removed from the face using a special device called a dermabrasion machine. Dermaplaning is often recommended as a way to remove unwanted facial hair, such as sideburns…

Home laser hair removal
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18 Home laser hair removal 

Home laser hair removal has become very popular over the last decade. The procedure involves using a handheld device called a laser to remove unwanted hair from various parts of the body. It costs anywhere between $200-$400 per session. Some clinics offer discounts for multiple…

Homemade toners
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9 Homemade toners for skin 

Are you looking for ways to get rid of dark spots on your face? There are several homemade toners that can help lighten your skin tone. One such remedy is homemade toner. Toner is a liquid solution that cleanses the pores and helps remove dirt…

get rid of dandruff
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How to get rid of dandruff 

Dandruff is a common problem that affects millions of people around the globe. If you suffer from it, then you know how to get rid of dandruff. The good news is that there are several ways to treat dandruff naturally at home. Dandruff is caused…

hand mask
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6 DIY hand masks for dry hands 

A hand mask can use when your hands may be dry during this pandemic because of the coronavirus. Hot water and chlorinated water cause dry skin. You should limit showering and bathing to avoid getting sick. Hands get wet when they touch things. But some…

18 Home laser hair removal

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