Who has never dreamed of having doe eyes, intense gaze, and long, perfectly curved lashes? Then this special eyelash serum is for you!

Last month, I started to lose more eyelashes than usual with each make-up removal. From using mascara every day for years, I felt my lashes had weakened and were much smaller. Just as I was about to try eyelash lift to regain a more open look, I had been testing this serum for a good week. The positive results days made me cancel my appointment.

After one month of use

The first two weeks, I combined this serum every night before going to bed with a no-makeup eye (it was the holidays, so I took the opportunity to let my eyelashes live a bit). I wasn’t expecting a spectacular result, and yet I was blown away!

  • My eyelashes stopped falling out in bundles every day.
  • By brushing them day after day (but without sticky products in them as in a classic mascara), they “disentangled” themselves by regaining their natural alignment.
  • As soon as I wake up, I feel like I have many better-curled eyelashes and a more open look.
  • I still intend to give eyelash lift a try someday, but in the meantime, this serum is a good alternative and an inexpensive alternative!


  • Castor Oil: Fortifies and promotes the growth of hair, eyelashes, and nails. Ricinoleic acid is also known to be an inhibitor of the growth of microbes.
  • Argan vegetable oil: strengthens eyelashes but is also nourishing, protective, and softening.


  • 2 tbsp of castor oil
  • 1 tbsp of argan vegetable oil
  • 1 drop of vitamin E (available on Aroma-Zone)
  • An empty, clean mascara tube


  • Mix vegetable oils with vitamin E.
  • Pour the mixture into the empty bottle using a funnel, then push the cap down before closing the mascara.
  • Store for up to 3 months