20 Celeb-Loved Fall Makeup Looks

What are the 20 Celeb-Loved Fall Makeup Looks? The weather is getting cooler, the leaves are changing, and it’s time to update your makeup collection. Whether you want to try out a bolder lip color or go for a smoky eye, we’ve got everything you need to know about the best makeup products for fall 2020.

We’re starting off with some of our favorite products for creating looks inspired by the beauty trends for fall 2020. From matte lips to smokey eyes, here’s what you need to know about how to use each product.

1. Matte Lips

If you’re looking for something easy to wear during the day, consider trying out a matte lipstick. These long-lasting formulas tend to provide a smooth finish without drying out your lips. They’re perfect for those days when you don’t want to spend too much time priming and prepping your face.

2. Smoked Up Eyes

For a dramatic smokier effect, start by applying a light dusting of loose powder over your eyelids. Next, blend a cream shadow into the crease of your eyes and sweep it across the entire lid. For added drama, add another layer of cream shadow under your lower lash line. Finally, swipe black liner along the outer corners of your eyes and around the inner corner of your eyes. This will help define your eyes and give them a more intense appearance.

3. Golden Eyes

Golden eyeshadows are great to use during the fall season. They will warm up your complexion and give it some depth. These colors look amazing on anyone’s skin tone, but they work best on people with light complexions. To apply these eye shadows, start off by applying a primer underneath your foundation. Then, sweep a golden powder across your entire lid, blending out towards the corners. You can also use a brush to apply the color directly onto your lids.

4. Rimmed Liner

Rimmed liners are great for defining eye shapes and creating an overall look. They come in many different shades, including neutral ones, and you can use them alone or over makeup. Start by lining the inside edge of your upper lashes using a pencil that matches your natural eye color. Then, fill in the rest of your top lashes with a darker shade. Finish off by filling in the bottom lashes with a lighter shade.

5. Vampy Lip

Dark lip looks are always flattering on fair complexions. If you want to try something different, we suggest pairing dark lipstick with a light eye shadow. For example, a red lip paired with a soft grey or silver eye shadow will give your eyes dimension without making them too intense. Or go bolder and pair a deep plum lip with black eyeliner and smokey eyeshadow.

6. Mauve tones

The color of springtime, mauve is a lovely neutral that works well on just about every skin tone. This soft pink hue looks great on both fair and dark complexions and it pairs beautifully with warm neutrals like brown and gold.

Mauve is one of those colors that you can wear alone or pair with other shades to create a full look. I love wearing it on its own as a subtle eye shadow or even as a cheek stain. For me, it’s perfect for adding some brightness to my face without looking too bright.

I’m obsessed with the Soft Pop powder blush in Mellow Mauves. It’s a beautiful dusty rose-pink color that gives off a natural glow. It feels light and airy on the skin and blends easily into the complexion. You can use it as a highlighter or add it to your contour kit for a dewy finish.

7. Blush draping

Blush draping is a makeup technique where you apply blush into the hollows of the cheekbones and along the jawline.

This trend is inspired by the 1970s. In those days, women used to wear very bright colors like red and orange. They had a lot of freckles because it was cold outside. And they wore lots of makeup, including blush. So it makes sense that we see this style again today.

Cream blushes are perfect for beginners who want a more natural look. You don’t have to worry too much about blending or matching shades. Just choose one color and go for it.

8. Floating Liner

The floating eyeliner is one of those things you’ve probably seen before, but never really thought about how it worked. A few weeks ago I had some extra cash lying around, so I went out and bought myself a couple of different types of liquid liners. After trying several different brands, I found my favorite type of liner – the “floating” eyeliner.

I’m sure there are many ways to apply this look, but here’s what I do…

1. Start off by applying a thin layer of concealer under your eyebrows. You want to make sure you don’t cover up too much skin because you’ll end up looking weird.

2. Using a small brush, apply a very light layer of foundation over your entire face. Make sure you blend into your neckline and jawline.

3. Apply a generous amount of mascara across your upper lash lines and lightly coat your lower lash lines.

4. Take a black pencil and draw a thick line along the outside edge of your lower waterline. Be careful not to go too close to your nose or lips.

5. With a fine-tipped eyeliner brush, start drawing a thin line along the inside edge of your lower water line. When you reach the middle of your eye, stop and use a lighter shade to fill in the space.

9. Wine-Stained Lips

Wine stains are one of those things you always want to avoid. They look like blood and don’t wash off easily. But sometimes we’re just too lazy to go to the store and buy some lip balms. So what do you do? You use wine. And you’ll never know how much better your lips feel after you’ve stained them with red wine.

To make this recipe, mix equal parts of white wine and water. Add a few drops of food coloring to tint the mixture. Then apply the liquid to your lips and wait about 10 minutes. Blot away excess moisture and enjoy.

10. Purple Smoke

The color purple is one of those colors you can wear throughout the entire year. Whether it’s a dress, a blazer, or even sneakers, there are endless ways to incorporate purple into your wardrobe. But what about purple smoke? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me explain.

Purple smoke is a color that blends together shades of blue and green. It’s a muted version of purple, and it looks great on just about anyone. You can pair it with everything from jeans to dresses, and it never goes out of style. So why isn’t everyone wearing purple smoke? Well, purple smoke is hard to find because it’s a combination of colors that aren’t commonly seen together. While purple smoke is a popular color, it doesn’t necessarily look good on everyone.

So how do you pull off purple smoke? First, make sure you choose a light purple base color. Then add some subtle shades of blue and green to give the overall effect of purple smoke. For example, try mixing a dark navy blue with a lighter royal blue. Or mix a darker teal with brighter lime green. Whatever you use, keep it simple, and remember that less is definitely more.

11. Cat Eye Flick

Liquid liners are great for everyday wear. They’re easy and quick to apply and look gorgeous. But sometimes it’s hard to keep the liner where you put it. A cat eye lash gives a sexy effect and makes your eyes pop.

Try using an eyeliner stamp for a precise line. You’ll love how much easier it is to apply.

12. Kitten Eyeliner

The kitten eyeliner tutorial is perfect for beginners and pros alike. You’ll learn how to draw the basic shape of a cat eye, add some shading and highlight, and finish off with a subtle flick at the end.

13. Draping

If you’re looking to make a dramatic change in how you feel about your skin, try draping. Using blush to create an illusion that you have fuller cheeks is one way to achieve this look. If you already use blush, it’s easy to apply the color to your face. Just follow these steps:

1. Apply foundation to your entire face, including your neckline and jawline.

2. Blend out the product into your forehead, nose, cheekbones, chin, and neck.

3. Sweep the blush across your cheekbones.

4. Add a touch of bronzer to your cheekbones and down your jawline.

5. Finish off your makeup application with mascara and lip gloss.

6. Take a deep breath, smile, and enjoy the transformation.

14. Dusty Pastels

Fall is here, and it’s time to start thinking about makeup. If you want to go for a classic look, try out dusty pastels. They’re one of the most versatile shades you can use during the season. You don’t even need to wear them every day; just mix up some different hues and you’ll find yourself looking like a true fashionista.

The best thing about dusty pastels is that they work well on everyone. Whether you’re wearing them on your eyes, cheeks, or lips, they always make you look polished and put together. And since they come in such a wide variety of tones, you’ll never run out of options.

Here are five tips for how to pull off dusty pastels.

1. Mix Up Shades

You can easily combine two or three different shades to achieve the desired effect. For example, you could do something like this:

2. Go Lightly With Your Eyebrows

If you’re trying to keep things simple, you don’t necessarily need to draw attention to your eyebrows. Instead, focus on making sure they match the rest of your face. To help you do this, simply apply a light dusting of powder along your brow bone. Then blend everything together with a brush.

15. Retro Blue Eyeshadow

This look is inspired by the 1960s. It features a soft blue shadow applied over a black base.

Step 1: Apply a light brown eyeliner along the upper lash line.

Step 2: Using a flat brush, apply a dark brown shade across the crease. Blend it outwards towards the outer corner.

Step 3: Use a small eyeshadow brush to apply a medium blue shade under the lower lashes.

Step 4: Apply white cream blush to the apples of the cheeks.

Step 5: Finish off the look with a pink lip balm.

16. Out-of-This-World Glow

The key to achieving this glowy skin look is a good primer. You don’t need much else. A little concealer under the eye area helps brighten up dark circles, too. Then, apply a light foundation, like Laura Mercier’s Face Priming Foundation SPF 15 ($48), to even out the complexion. Next, use a powder blush, like NARS’ Orgasm Blush ($32), to add some dimension to the cheeks. Finally, dust a translucent powder over the entire face to help set everything in place. To finish off, sweep a shimmery bronzer across the cheekbones and forehead for added radiance.

17. Bleached Brows

The most popular trend among celebrities and influencers is bleaching their eyebrows. While some people think it makes you look younger, others say it just looks fake. Either way, it’s definitely a bold statement. If you decide to go blonde, keep in mind that it takes about six weeks for your hair to grow back.

Bleach Your Eyebrows

There are plenty of ways to bleach your eyebrows. You can use a pencil, gel, cream, powder, or even a brush. Some products contain hydrogen peroxide, while others use sodium bicarbonate, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, or potassium hydroxide. Whatever method you choose, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly afterward.

18. Graphic Liner

Black liner is a great way of adding dimension to your eyes without making it look like you are wearing contact lenses. If you want to wear a bold eye makeup look, try lining your upper lash line with a thick black eyeliner pencil. You can use the same color as your eyebrows, or choose something different.

If you do decide to go with a dark liner, make sure to apply it above your natural lashes because if you put it under your lashes, it might smudge into your mascara.

To achieve the perfect winged effect, start by curling your lashes upward. Then, take a small brush and dip it in some water. Using downward strokes, run the brush along the length of your lashes, starting just above the base of your lower lashes and working toward the outer corners of your eyes.

Once you have applied enough water to help loosen up your lashes, gently pat down the excess liquid with a tissue. Be careful not to rub your skin raw; you don’t want to irritate your eyes. Once you’re done, lightly press your fingertips against the area where you’ve been applying the water. This helps to set the

19. Hazy Eye

This smokey eye look is perfect for those days when you just don’t feel like putting on makeup. You want something natural looking without having to put too much effort into it. I used my favorite palette, Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette ($38), and applied some color-correcting concealer under my eyes and around my nose. Then I took a fluffy blending brush and blended out the colors. For the outer corners of my eyes, I used a matte bronzer and blended it out. To finish off the look, I added mascara and lip balm.

20. Soft, matte lips

Soft matte lips are beautiful for autumn. They look good on everyone, even those with dry skin.

A soft matte finish is great during the fall season. You don’t need to use a lot of products. Just apply one coat of color and let it set for 5 minutes. Then add another layer over the top. This gives your lips a nice shine without being too shiny.

Use a lip gloss if you’re feeling self-conscious about applying lipstick. Lip glosses give you something to hold onto while you put on your lipstick.


The best thing about using makeup is that there’s no limit to what you can create. With these 20 celebrity-loved makeup trends, you’ll be able to express yourself through your own unique style.

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