What is Gua sha Stone, roll on jade? If we mention massaging stones, maybe that rings a bell? Indeed, a few months ago, these small stone-faced rollers and other tools hit the headlines and beauty fans. They were everywhere, of all sizes, all brands, all stone colors but also all qualities.

Facial massage has reached the top of the TO-DO of many people. Everyone wanted to give their opinion on this tip to incorporate into their daily skincare routine.

But what is it really? How can gua sha stone and roll-on help us improve the appearance of our skin and even the general balance of our body? First, a point of information on this type of massage.

Draining massage

The purpose of draining massage, or lymphatic drainage, is to stimulate the evacuation of lymph, responsible for edema, cellulite, or poor blood circulation. Lymph is the fluid made up of white blood cells (and almost completely devoid of red blood cells). Indeed, this substance passes into the organs, feeds them by providing them with nutrients, and recovers the waste emitted in the process. This exchange gives rise to the stagnation of toxins.

Thus, by promoting the passage of these toxins, the lymph nodes are found less congested and the face is visibly less swollen.

The other benefits of face massage

The pressure exerted during a facial massage has other benefits than draining fluids. Therefore, repeated passages influence the acupuncture points present on that part of the body. As a result, all of the facial muscles are requisitioned.

Massaging your face can help you:

  • Have more radiant skin. Indeed, thanks to lymphatic drainage, the skin breathes more easily.
  • Carry out anti-aging and lifting care work on the skin.
  • Decrease the onset of This is also akin to facial gymnastics, which stimulates the muscle as you go.
  • Eliminate bags and dark circles under the eyes.
  • Reboost collagen production.

As you can see, incorporating facial massage into your daily skincare routine can help you deal with many issues. In addition, it can be done in different forms and using different tools. The most trendy (and effective) to date are the gua sha and the roll-on …

Gua Sha stone, roll on jade: The different techniques

Gua sha stone and roll-on (facial massage techniques) are effective as long as the appropriate gestures are carried out on a regular basis. However, care should also be taken to use real semi-precious stones so that they do not sensitize your skin. Indeed, with the rise of this wellness technique, there are more and more tools available at all prices.

Some brands do not hesitate to offer very inexpensive products, but the quality is often affected. It can quickly be glass pieces and not semi-precious stones …

Which gua sha stone to use?

For an optimal result, it is, therefore, preferable to choose your stone according to its recognized benefits. Indeed, each type of stone can be associated with a specific type of skin or problem to be treated. For example, you can use a gua sha or roll-on made from different stones:

  • Gua sha Stone, roll on jadeRose quartz: Called the stone of love, rose quartz can bring a feeling of peace and happiness. Indeed, this stone is linked to the heart and the deepest feelings, especially in women. Ideal for combating the signs of aging, this translucent pink stone is very popular. In addition, coming into contact with the skin helps to soothe it, regulates toxins (thanks to its action on the adrenal glands), and burns.
  • Jade roller: This ancestral Chinese stone with significant resistance is particularly appreciated in lithotherapy. It has the property of warding off negative spirits and allows for a better balance of body and mind. On the skin, jade stone works very well on people prone to eczema, promotes healing, and helps smooth pores. Jade also has the particularity of staying cold for quite a long time.

Therefore, some people will prefer the feeling of freshness that it provides, in particular maximizing the deflating effect.

  • Gua sha Stone, roll on jadeAmethyst: Deep purple that can vary depending on its iron concentration, amethyst is also a real ally for your skin. It should be noted that this stone has effects on muscle pain, inflammation, and breathing. During use, amethyst helps improve your hormonal and circulatory system.

Gua Sha Stone, roll on jade: Our selection of products for the face massage

Gua sha Stone, roll on jadeIn order to give you all the tools for a complete experience of draining facial massage, here are our recommendations:

  • Gua sha in Audacity Rose Quartz

Audacity is the benchmark in terms of quality gua sha. Its creator is a Frenchwoman living in Los Angeles in the United States. Following the diagnosis of her cancer, she decided to change her life and created this brand combining French know-how and Made in California expertise.

This brand with a multicultural identity offers natural, cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free, toxin-free products … The ranges of face care products and other tools such as gua sha are now highly appreciated by beauty addicts.

Audacity rose quartz gua sha has the right shape for an effective and pleasant draining facial massage. This natural stone is cut by hand. It delivers all of its benefits and makes your skin luminous, less puffy, and more beautiful.


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JadeRoller is a French brand recognized for its knowledge of products for massaging the face. As the name suggests, the brand specializes in the creation of 100% semi-precious stone roll-ons. These are tailored to your needs and come in different stones.

Its jade stone remains particularly fresh. Quietly, it glides over the skin to promote the application of your products or your daily massages. The relaxing and decongestant effect is noticed from the first use.

Regarding its quality/price ratio, this roll-on is offered at a price of € 29.90 on the brand’s website. Therefore, its ease of use finishes and details make it a very beautiful object that the Lucette team appreciates.

  • Oil and serum

As we explained to you earlier in this article, it is best to use these tools on prepared skin. Gua sha and roll-on are effective on skin that “slips” easily. To create this sensation, do not hesitate to apply your favorite serum or a nourishing oil of your choice …

It is best to choose an oily texture that suits your skin’s needs. The results are even more interesting, and the application becomes a breeze!

We hope that this gua sha, roll on the jade article: All you need to know about face massage will have you more. You now know more about this ancestral technique which is particularly effective in relieving and beautifying your face. Between gua sha or roll-on, it’s just a matter of personal choice! At your tools, slide.


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