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4 ways to lose weight with oats 

In addition to helping us lose weight, oats can be a good ally when it comes to regulating our intestinal transit, as it provides us with high amounts of fiber. Oats have always been a great nutritional supplement. Not only is it distinguished by its…

Health & Wellness, Weight Loss

Ginger and lemon water 

It’s our morning health drink, drunk on an empty stomach for months. We have become addicted. At first, to make it less aggressive I added a little honey or agave syrup, to sweeten and sweeten. But over the weeks, I didn’t wear anymore. Water, fresh…

Health & Wellness, Weight Loss

Detox waters to hydrate health 

How to make detox water? What exactly is “detox water”? In fact, it is naturally flavored water with the addition of fruits or vegetables, fresh herbs, lemon, or even spices. A drink that could not be more healthy (it’s water!) Which has the advantage of…

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