How to use blueberry water for dark circles? If you have dark circles, bags under your eyes, or even conjunctivitis, blueberry water is for you. It is an effective soothing and decongestant natural remedy.

For my dark circles (yes, I am already over 50 years old), I use blueberry water almost every morning after washing and you will see that a very simple gesture can erase dark circles fairly quickly.

In this article, I’ll explain the tips and recipes for using cornflower floral water properly.

Where does cornflower floral water come from?

is a flower native to the Near East and is very common throughout Europe, Asia, and North America, where it grows very well in cultivated fields and meadows.

Blueberry water is the hydrosol produced in the manufacture of essential oils by distillation of dried cornflower flowers. A hydrosol is the evaporation water collected during the extraction of the essential oil in a still.

Properties of cornflower floral water

blueberry water for dark circles

Soothing, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, calming, and regenerating, cornflower floral water is often used for the eye area and dark circles.

It relieves tired, irritated, reddened eyes: very practical in the morning when you wake up!

Blueberry water is also used on the skin. It is moisturizing and is commonly used to remove makeup. It softens the skin and brightens the complexion or even soothes irritated skin.

Blueberry water is often used in the composition of lotions and cleansing milk that you find in stores.

How to use blueberry water for dark circles?

blueberry water for dark circles

With its astringent and decongestant properties, cornflower floral water is recommended for difficult awakenings or periods of severe fatigue.

It effectively reduces dark circles and signs of fatigue in a single gesture.

  •  Out of the fridge, you can apply it to the eye area with a cotton swab or a compress for a few minutes.
  • The bags under the eyes disappear quickly and the features are smoothed.
  • To go faster in the morning, I sometimes simply spray cornflower water around the eyes (closing my eyes). This super quick little gesture also helps reduce wrinkles.
  • On this theme of dark circles, I invite you to discover my complete file on dark circles. You will learn how to use vegetable oils and other floral waters to remove wrinkles.

See also

Eye contour mask with cornflower water

For the eye area, you can use cornflower water with white or pink clay. Here is a perfect recipe for an eye mask:

  • 2 tablespoons of white or pink clay,
  • blueberry water.
  • In a bowl, mix with a wooden spoon 2 tablespoons of white or pink clay with blueberry water to obtain a smooth, homogeneous, and creamy paste.

Apply this mask around the eyes and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing off with clean water. Moisturize afterward with a suitable cream or vegetable oil.

Conjunctivitis remedy

Cornflower floral water is indicated for allergic or infectious conjunctivitis. Here’s how to do it:

  • 50 ml of cornflower floral water,
  • 50 ml of red myrtle hydrosol or eucalyptus globulus hydrosol (not to be confused with essential oils).
  • Practice 3 eye baths with this mixture. It is an excellent treatment for tired eyes.

blueberry water for dark circles

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