Jade roller before and after

Jade roller before and afterare great tools for smoothing out rough areas of skin. They come in various sizes and shapes, and they can even be used to massage away cellulite. But did you know that using them too often can cause damage?

Jade rollers are made from natural materials such as jade or marble. They are also known as stone rollers because they are usually rolled over the skin. These rollers are commonly used to smooth out rough areas of skin, especially those prone to acne breakouts.

Using these rollers too frequently can cause irritation and inflammation. If you want to get rid of cellulite, try using a body brush instead. Body brushes are designed to gently massage your skin without causing any harm. You can use it on your arms, legs, back, stomach, breasts, and more!

How to Use a Jade Roller:

1) Cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser.

2) Gently pat dry with a soft towel.

3) Apply moisturizer if needed.

4) Smooth out rough areas of skin by rolling the stone roller over them.

5) Repeat steps two through four until all rough areas have been smoothed out.

6) Take off the roller and apply some lotion.

7) Pat dry with a soft towel and finish up with a moisturizer.

8) To prevent further irritation, do not use this product daily.

9) Store in a cool place when not in use.

10) Do not use it on broken skin.

11) Avoid contact with eyes, mouth, and genitals.

12) Keep out of reach of children

What is a jade roller?

Jade rollers are a type of facial massager. They’re not new, but they’ve become super visible because of social media. Jade rollers were first introduced in the 7th century in China, and crystals have long been used in skin care.

Crystals aren’t just beautiful, they’re also effective at keeping your skin looking young and healthy. Crystals help keep your skin hydrated and reduce inflammation, while also helping to fight signs of aging. “The crystals hold onto water molecules,” explains Dr. Steven Cohen, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City. “When you put them under pressure, they release those water molecules.”

Jade roller benefits

I went to my local dermatologist to get a second opinion on my acne scars. While I had heard about the benefits of using a jade roller before, I wanted to hear what she thought about them. She told me that while the jade roller did help reduce scarring, there were other factors at play. For instance, if you have oily skin, then the oil will clog pores and prevent your skin from absorbing the healing properties of the jade roller. If you have dry skin, then the jade roller won’t absorb all the moisture and could leave your skin feeling tight and uncomfortable. Her advice? Try both a jade roller and a chemical peel.

Do Jade Rollers Really Work?

“Lasers and tools won’t be able to lift your face,” says Dr. Renée Rouleau, an aesthetic surgeon at the Cosmetic Surgery Institute of Toronto. “Your facial muscles will weaken with time and gravity. The skin will lose its elasticity and wrinkles will form. Your face will droop like a deflated balloon. There’s nothing you can do about it.”

Rouleau is not a fan of the Jade Roller’s contouring prowess, but he does admit that it works well at removing puffiness. “It’s a great tool for getting rid of those pesky bags under the eyes, and it’s also great for smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines,” she says. “I’m a big believer in increasing blood flow to the face because it helps bring fresh blood and new nutrition to the skin cells. It’s why I recommend my clients to do this three-minute routine every night.”

Dr. Cohen agrees that the jade roller has many uses, including improving circulation and reducing swelling. He recommends using it as part of a skincare regimen. ”


If you want to try a jade roller, look for one that comes with a handle so you don’t need to buy another thing. You’ll find them online or at beauty stores. And remember: Don’t overdo it! This isn’t something you should use every day. Use it when you feel bloated or have swollen glands.