Darkening of the neck

Dark spots may appear on the neck that leads to darkening of its color, which turns it to black, which is an embarrassing appearance for a woman, especially who is always interested in her appearance in the best appearance, and although there is no specific reason for the appearance of this blackness, there are many factors that lead to the emergence of this the problem; The most important of these are aging, long exposure to sunlight and lack of attention to personal hygiene is one of the causes of neck darkening.

Causes of neck darkening

Among the factors that lead to blackening of the neck, we mention the following:

  • Hereditary causes.
  • A sudden change in weight, whether it is weight loss or gain.
  • Infection with some diseases such as diabetes and polycystic ovaries.
  • Wearing some types of accessories that leave stains on the neck as a result of
  • perspiration and the interaction of sweat with the metal components of the accessories.
  • Thyroid disorders and lack of secretion.
  • Stomach cancer.
  • Infection with one of the skin problems in the neck area, such as fungi.
  • The use of some poor quality cosmetics, especially those that contain oils.
  • The pregnancy period causes skin pigmentation in different areas of the body, including the neck.
  • Taking certain types of medications cause this problem.

Neck darkening treatment

There are many solutions to treat dark neck, including: