By its taste, honey helps to calm anxiety and the need to consume sugary foods, while activating the metabolism. However, it should not be consumed in excess.

The result of the tireless work of bees is honey. It is a food that has been consumed for hundreds of years and in addition, various medicinal properties have been attributed to it. For this reason, you may have already heard how useful honey can be in relieving discomfort or simply promoting well-being, you may have even heard that honey helps you lose weight.

Grandmothers comment that, for example, if used externally, it is very good for improving skin and hair health. But what about losing a few extra pounds? In this article, we explain this to you in more detail.

Honey and its slimming ability: what the science says

Although initially, it is usually associated with relief from throat discomfort, the flu, and the common cold. In a study in rodents, it was decided to evaluate how honey promotes less weight gain, adiposity, and triglycerides than sucrose in rats. The authors came to the following conclusion:

“Compared to sucrose, honey can reduce weight gain and adiposity, possibly due to lower food intake, and promote lower serum triglycerides, but higher concentration of non-high density lipoprotein cholesterol.”

On the other hand, the results of other investigations on the slimming properties of honey, affirm that it is necessary to continue to analyze this food because for the moment there is no certainty that it has the capacity to indicate to the brain that he has already received a sufficient dose of sugar.

Pursuing the idea that it could be a good ally for weight loss, there are people who consider that a tablespoon of this product could be beneficial. Now, while there are no evidence to confirm that honey has “slimming” properties, the truth is that honey could generate changes in metabolism that help us shed extra pounds.

It is energizing, so consuming it before exercise or sport can be very beneficial in promoting performance.
It can help calm cravings. This would help avoid unhealthy snacks, pastries, and groceries.
It is less addictive than refined sugar, for example.

Honey, cinnamon, and water: the ideal recipe for losing weight?

There are several hypotheses about the ability of honey to lose weight. For example, in addition to consuming a tablespoon before doing a workout, you can enjoy its benefits during the day (but without exceeding the quantities, as this would be counterproductive).

It is necessary to completely stop ingesting products with processed sugars.

Sweeten your desserts, fruits, and infusions with honey (you find it in different presentations, more liquid or more solid, more or less sweet, etc.) and include more fruits, vegetables, and legumes in your daily diet.

Avoid flours, sodas, and trans fats. These have been shown to be closely related to obesity and metabolic problems in rodents.

Drink two liters of water a day and remember to exercise. The more active you are, the less likely you are to gain weight.

By following all of these tips, you will be helping the body burn fat and flush out accumulated toxins.