Flax Seeds For Hair Growth have been used by many ancient civilizations as a way of ensuring strong, healthy hair. The ancient Mayans were known to grow beautiful hair because of the high nutritional value of the seeds they used. Today, it is used by modern alternative medicine practitioners as a way of encouraging hair growth and promoting healthy hair.

They contain an extremely high level of fatty acids. These help the scalp manufacture natural oils necessary for strong, healthy hair. These oils are essential for keeping the scalp healthy and allow nutrients to penetrate the hair shaft. They are used to make massage oils and hair care products.

Contents of flax seeds and their benefits for hair

  • The fatty acids found in flaxseeds can be separated into three distinct categories. One category is called omega 3’s. These acids promote hair growth by acting on the cell membranes. They allow the membranes to perform their vital function which is to control the transport of the nutrient into the hair follicles. When the nutrient is transported into the follicle, the hair bulb becomes active and starts producing hair. This is a natural method that works no matter what type of hair you have.
  • The second category is called arachidonic acid. This acid feeds the hair and scalp. As the hair becomes thicker and stronger, it is also able to prevent further loss of moisture. This means that the scalp won’t become dry and brittle, which is a common occurrence when the hair is exposed to the elements without enough nourishment. This is another reason why flax seeds for hair growth are so beneficial.
  • The last category of fatty acid is called caprylic acid. This substance is used to treat a variety of diseases and conditions. When it is used as an ingredient for healthy hair, it helps to encourage the growth of thicker and stronger hair. Just like with omega 3’s, caprylic acid is also essential for the development of strong, healthy hair.
  • Flax seeds contain a wide variety of fatty acids and can be used in many different ways to promote the growth of healthy hair. The two mentioned in the article above are just two of the benefits that many people have experienced when they have used these seeds. Many people claim that they are one of the most powerful natural remedies for all types of hair loss. With all that said, you should know that flax seeds should not be taken in isolation, but rather should be a regular part of your diet.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids. It may be surprising that flaxseed has a fatty acid often found in fish, but it’s a different form called alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). Fish, on the other hand, is a source of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). Plant-based ALA is known for its heart health benefits. It can also reduce inflammation a contributor to diseases throughout the body that can also affect hair growth.
  • B vitamins. Flaxseed is a reliable source of B vitamins, a group of nutrients that are known for making your hair grow stronger and healthier at a more rapid rate.
  • Vitamin E. This is antioxidant is also readily available in nuts and plant-based oils. When it comes to hair health, vitamin E reduces the effects of free radicals on your scalp, thereby promoting hair growth. Adequate vitamin E intake may also promote stronger hair follicles

How used Flax seeds

  • Eat Raw Flax Seeds: Flax seeds can be eaten on a daily basis and can help with hair growth. However, it should not be relied on as a sole source of nutrition. Using other sources of protein (for example, eggs) and dairy products (like yogurt and milk) will also help to make sure that you are getting enough nutrients needed to support healthy hair.
  • Used with another ingredient:  If you prefer a more organic approach to fight hair loss, then incorporating fish oil, green tea, and B vitamins can also be very helpful. It is important to remember though that these approaches take time to take full effect and that it can take several months to several years to achieve the same results that you can get from using flax seeds for hair growth.
  • Flax Seed Oil For The Hair

You Will Need

2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil

A hot towel

Processing Time: 45 minutes Steps

Heat the flaxseed oil in a bowl for a few seconds until it is slightly warm.

Massage this oil onto your scalp for about 15 minutes.

Apply it to your hair lengths.

Wrap your hair with a hot towel. You can heat the towel in the oven, dip it in hot water, or use a blow dryer to heat it.

Wait for 30 minutes.

Wash your hair with a mild sulfate-free shampoo.

Do this 2-3 times a week.

How This Helps The heat from the oil and the hot towel enables the goodness of flax seeds to penetrate your hair roots and shafts. This nourishes your scalp and hair and helps in healthy hair growth.

  • Flax Seed Hair Gel

You Will Need

1/4 cup of flax seeds

2 cups of filtered water

1 tablespoon of lemon juice

Processing Time: 5 minutes Steps

Boil the water and flax seeds in a pot until the liquid starts to thicken.

Add the lemon juice and stir the liquid.

Turn off the heat once the liquid reaches a gel-like consistency. Set it aside to cool.

Strain and collect this gel in a jar.

Use it to style your hair every morning. You can also use it as a topical treatment for your scalp to boost hair growth.

Repeat this daily

How This Helps This natural hair gel does not leave product buildup in your hair and boosts hair growth.

These are the two ways you can use flax seeds for hair growth. However, consuming flax seeds is more effective in aiding hair growth. Here are the various ways to add flax seeds to your diet for better hair quality.


  • Ground Flax Seeds: Shutterstock Grinding flax seeds to a fine powder makes it easy to include in your diet. Grind the flax seeds and store the powder in an airtight jar. Keep it refrigerated and use in the following ways:

Add the flaxseed powder to your oatmeal or soup.

You can also add the powder to smoothies, cookies, muffins, or milk.

What is Flaxseed Oil?

Flaxseed oil, also known as linseed oil, comes from small golden seeds known as one of the richest plant-based sources of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Flaxseed oil contains the fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which the body converts into helpful eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

People have been consuming flaxseed oil for its health benefits for a long time. In the ninth century, European ruler King Charlemagne believed so strongly in flaxseed oil benefits that he passed laws requiring its consumption.

How to Use Flaxseed Oil for Healthy Hair

by Viviscal Hair Expert on January 11th, 2018 Flaxseed oil has many potential health benefits. But did you know that flaxseed oil also can benefit your hair? Read on to discover flaxseed oil benefits for hair and how to use flaxseed oil to make dry, winter hair look thicker and healthier.

Flaxseeds Benefits For Hair

There are a number of reasons why flaxseeds are healthy for your hair:

1. Rich In Vitamin E: Flaxseeds are rich in vitamin E, which is great for both skin and hair health. The nutrient promotes the health of the scalp by reducing free radical damage. It helps improve circulation in the head, thus promoting hair growth and slowing down hair breakage. It may also help prevent premature greying of hair.

2. Rich In Omega 3 Fatty Acids: Flax seeds are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to be great for the skin and hair, as they keep them nourished and prevents hair drying, especially during winters. Some studies have shown that omega 3 may help prevent hair loss and thinning of hair, as well as dry scalp and even dandruff.

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