This is the new beauty gesture everyone is talking about: the gua sha massage. An ancestral Chinese technique that is now breaking into the world of aesthetics because its practice on the face allows in a few sessions to find a brighter skin while offering a firming and anti-aging effect. We tell you everything about this still confidential beauty secret but that we will allow you to realize at home!

What is gua-sha massage?

In Chinese GuaSha means “to scratch” (gua) the “fever” – or “disease” – (sha). That is to say that it is by energetic friction to eliminate all kinds of physical ailments: muscle pain or at the level of the joints, fatigue, stress … Finally ailments very present in our modern life, no?

As is often the case in the practice of alternative medicine, gua sha massage works on energies and lymphatic circulation to drain, evacuate toxins, and stimulate the circulation of blood and energies.

The traditional gua sha massage uses a cow horn spatula with rounded edges with which we “scratch” the skin. The gua sha has gradually become more sophisticated and the new gua sha tools use more noble materials and in particular crystals such as jade in China for example.

During a gua sha session on the skin, the gua sha stone gently stimulates the points that lie along the meridians and energy lines of the body.

The gua sha is sort of a deep cloth version of the jade face roller that you’ve certainly heard of before.

Gua sha facial massage: its benefits on the skin

The Chinese technique of Gua Sha on the face has become an essential treatment to restore radiance and youth to the skin. Especially since the results are quick – from the first week – and its practice after a short training in gua sha (or just watching a video or a tutorial to learn how to do gua sha massage) only takes a few minutes a day.

It is therefore an ancestral beauty ritual perfectly adapted to modern life by its format and its actions!

What are these actions on the skin of the gua sha face that made this anti-aging gesture from Asia absolutely essential?

The pressure movements of the Gua Sha stone on the face have 4 main consequences:

Gua sha makes the skin brighter

By promoting better blood circulation and therefore allowing better oxygenation of the tissues, gua sha massage movements restore a radiant complexion and have that natural healthy glow effect that we all seek. The anti-fatigue and anti-stress action of the gua sha technique is also not for nothing.

Gua sha fades wrinkles

This energy treatment technique activates the acupressure points of the face and thus tones the supporting muscles of the skin to effectively fight against the loss of firmness of the skin of the face and neck.

It should be remembered that the face ages are faster than the body because the skin is directly attached to the muscles. Relieving muscle contractions and boosting facial muscle tone has an immediate firming and anti-aging effect against sagging skin and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Gua sha fights dark circles and puffiness

Performed around the eyes, gua sha massage harmonizes energy flow and circulation to reduce the appearance of dark circles and bags under the eyes. A solution for those who have not yet found a better (and absolutely natural!) Way to treat the signs of fatigue in the eye area.

Gua sha makes the skin healthier

By draining and facilitating the evacuation of toxins, gua sha acts as a detox massage for the skin. Thus, with a regular practice of gua sha on problematic skin, toxins no longer accumulate, imperfections are fewer and the skin visibly healthier.