How can I be beautiful and attractive

Beauty and charisma –  How can I be beautiful and attractive – Not only the beauty of the face or the features, the eye color, or the external physical
appearance, the elegance and the presence that draws the attention of others to her is the
true meaning of the female’s attractiveness and her handsome, but there are other deep and
important aspects that highlight the internal content, the personal and moral qualities of her,
in addition to the style and method of communication and interaction with whom They are
around her, which reveals her precious mineral and essence, so she attracts them to her,
earns their love and respect, and gains their admiration and acceptance, which supports the
general idea of beauty and makes it more comprehensive, and denies its limitation to the
external form.

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Ways to increase the beauty and attractiveness ofwomen

There are some methods that increase the beauty and attractiveness of women, and among
those methods are the following:

Take care of the health of the body and its food

A healthy body shows the beauty and color of the skin and natural hair and maintains its
freshness and radiance even without using cosmetics, and it is advised to follow some
guidelines to maintain the health and beauty of the body, including:

  • Attention to eating healthy foods that maintain the freshness and health of the skin
    and increase the activity of the body, and this includes fruits and vegetables, and
    various proteins and vitamins that the body needs to perform its functions to the
    fullest, and to maintain its luster and health.
  • Drink an adequate quantity of water, not less than 8 cups per day. To maintain body
    moisture and flush out toxins from it, in addition to increasing the vitality and
    freshness of the skin and protecting it from wrinkles.
  • Take adequate rest and sleep for at least 6-8 hours a day to reduce stress and body
    tension, and help it restore its energy and activity, in addition to giving him a glowing
    and healthy skin due to collagen production that slows down aging, and reduces the
    appearance of dark circles under the eyes.
  • Exercising at least 3 hours a week because it improves physical health, maintains
    fitness and an ideal weight, and improves one’s mood in daily life, by practicing some
    relaxation exercises; Like yoga, for example.

Attention to freshness of the skin and healthy hair

A healthy diet may not be sufficient to care for the skin and increase its freshness, and
maintain healthy and beautiful hair, especially when he suffers from some external problems
that must be treated, by following the following directions:

  • Treating the dryness and dullness of the skin by using different handpieces that help
    to exfoliate and nourish it, make it always fresh and bright, and impress those
  • Applying body lotion designed to exfoliate and remove dead skin from the surface of
    the skin, thus maintaining its smoothness, hydration and nourishment with elements
    that enhance its youth and health.
  • Take care of hair and wash it regularly using shampoos and lotions suitable for its
    type and treat its various problems, such as breakage, dandruff, or others; Because
    healthy, shiny and beautiful hair increases the girl’s attractiveness and softness.

Maintain a stylish appearance

The style of dealing with others, the position of the female in relationships, and her different
personality support the points that we touched upon previously, which increase the
attractiveness of the external appearance and preserve her smoothness and tenderness,
which in turn give her the attractiveness that she aspires to, and among the important points
that are recommended to be taken into account are the following:

  • To have the kindness, femininity and tenderness that characterize the soft female
    sex, as many girls lack these basic qualities that do not mean artificiality, but rather
    dealing with gentleness and politeness, and preserving softness when acting or
  • Adopting a sense of humor and accepting the jokes and jokes of others and getting
    along with them gently and in a cheerful manner, unless their joking is exaggerated
    and annoys the girl.
  • Maintaining a consistently positive attitude and showing kindness, compassion and
    tolerance for others, and the girl chooses situations in which kindness or
    assertiveness must be shown maturely and with full awareness.

To have a distinct and attractive personality

The inner attractiveness of the girl appears through her distinctive personality, which she
shows to those around her, and among the most prominent features of the girl’s attractive
personality are the following:

  • Meaningful body language gestures:
    By continuous eye contact, the use of a charming, attractive smile during communication,
    the movement of hands and the way of standing that draws attention to her, and other body
    language gestures that support her position and increase her elegance.
  • To sit with oneself and reconcile with it from time to time:
    The girl needs from time to time to sit with herself and speak to her honestly, evaluate it
    transparently, and identify the strengths that distinguish her, and the weaknesses that need
    to be fixed and supported as well. To advance herself, develop her personality, and deserve
    the constant admiration of others.
  •  Breaking boredom and taking on new activities:
    As there are many activities that a girl can be distinguished by and be different from her
    peers of girls and gain the attention of others, in addition to entertaining herself and learning
    what is new, such as singing and playing music, and practicing sports activities that require
    strength and will such as climbing mountains, jumping from parachutes and others.
  • self-confidence
    The girl’s self-confidence is evident and becomes a strong attraction that earns her the
    respect of others when it is done in the right way without exaggeration or arrogance, through
    her bold, conscious and responsible speech, her sitting, her straight posture, her confident
    gait, and raising her from those who try to reduce her worth, and other signs that indicate her
    confidence She has high self-esteem and accepts herself with her advantages and

Good interactions, openness and meaningful

dialogue with others

There are some guidelines that are recommended to follow when communicating with others
to maintain the attractiveness and presence of the distinguished girl in front of them, and to
obtain their admiration and love, including the following:
Maintaining an open, positive attitude by accepting and respecting others’ views even if they
conflict with the girl’s desire or opinion.
Requesting advice and accepting support from others, and in return, providing assistance
and extending a helping hand to them when needed.
Maintaining personal independence and setting up a private space for it, self-respect and
appreciation to gain the respect of others, as mentioned before.
Mastering the art of polite dialogue, offering gentle compliments to others, listening to them
and exchanging responses in a gentle and purposeful manner, selecting her words and
thinking about them well before revealing them.

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