Aloe vera gel is an incredible natural substance that is used around the world. Its benefits and properties are countless! It allows for example to relieve sunburn, to make beauty masks for the face or smoothies. Aloe vera gel is most effective if it is harvested directly from the plant. But storing aloe vera gel isn’t that easy! Fortunately, there are 3 simple and effective tips to store aloe vera gel for months.

TIP 1: freeze the gel in an ice cube tray

1. Get an ice cube tray, preferably silicone to be able to unmold the ice cubes more easily.

2. Pour the aloe vera gel into the ice cube tray.

3. Once the ice cube tray is full, simply place it in the freezer.

4. Leave the aloe vera gel in the freezer overnight so that the cubes have time to freeze completely.

5. Then transfer the ice cubes to a closing bag like this one and write the date on the plastic.

Extra tips: You can now store the aloe vera cubes in the freezer for 1 year.

Aloe vera ice cubes are very useful for:

– soothing sunburns

– making homemade soap or shampoo

– making smoothies

– doing a refreshing hair treatment

TIP 2: mix the gel with honey

1. Pour your aloe vera gel into a plastic container with a lid.

2. Mix one part aloe vera gel with one part honey.

3. Put the gel in the fridge or in a room at room temperature.

Extra Tips With this trick, you can store aloe vera gel for 8 months.

Make sure the gel is not exposed to sunlight. Since aloe vera is stored as a gel with honey, it mixes very well with other products. Preferably choose quality honey, without preservatives to be able to keep the gel as long as possible. This method of preservation is very practical for:

– body scrubs

– a cleansing gel for the body

– hair care

TIP 3: mix the gel with vitamin C

1. Put the gel in the bowl of your blender without turning it on.

2. Add the powdered vitamin C tablets. For 60 ml of aloe vera gel, put 500 mg of vitamin C.

3. Mix the gel at high speed for a few seconds so that the vitamin C mixes well with the aloe vera.

4. Transfer the juice to a plastic container with a lid. A layer of foam will form on top of the liquid but will disappear after a few days.

5. Store the juice directly in the fridge.

Additional advice

Once mixed with vitamin C, aloe vera gel will keep for 8 months in the refrigerator.

You can find vitamin C tablets at the drugstore or here on the Internet. In its raw state, the gel has a very gelatinous texture which is not very convenient to handle.

By using this trick, the gel becomes liquid which is much more convenient to use. You can drink this pure aloe vera juice or mix it with other juices, smoothies, or tea. This method of preservation is very practical for making:

– a moisturizing lotion

– washing gel for the body

– a moisturizing treatment for the hair.