Face: jade roller, gua sha, are these beauty accessories really effective?

jade roller for some time now, facial accessories have been popping up on beauty blogs, social networks, and stores. Jade Roller, Gua Sha… What are these new tools for and are they really effective?

Facial massage, a real anti-aging trick?

If we attribute virtues to the semi-precious stones used in the manufacture of these accessories, it is undeniable that their benefits lie at least equally in the massage that accompanies them. Facial massage is indeed an ancestral Asian practice that activates the blood circulation of the face and helps reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging. Straight out of Chinese medicine, facial massage indeed makes it possible to plump the skin and makes its arrival in our European countries. The Japanese Kobido massage is the best example, described as a “natural lifting”. If this practice remains elitist in its original form (only about fifty therapists in the world including 5 in France practice it), several versions have appeared in recent years and are experiencing unparalleled enthusiasm. Beyond a simple massage, it is a traditional art and works on the facial muscles. Once your muscles are awakened, your face looks younger, your skin firmer and toned.

The jade scroll is an unparalleled phenomenon

Lithotherapy is the means of healing through crystals. This is where jade reveals all its benefits. Stone of long life, brings prosperity, compassion, and exchange while fighting against nervousness. Promising, therefore. As far as your skin is concerned, it is said to help fight skin diseases such as eczema. The stone is indeed known for its beautifying action on the skin. Combined with a massage technique, your skin can only benefit from its activities and the results can be visible very quickly. However, jade is expensive. The rollers that you find in the trade are unfortunately not often made of real jade… Yes, the rolls in “false jade” are at the heart of a buzz that is not the most glorious with, among others, French brands that sell plastic rolls found on AliExpress… Without telling you of course! Perhaps it would be better to apply facial massage gestures without any accessories in the end … So pay attention to the reputation of the site on which you buy your jade roller and remember to check the opinions of consumers!

The Gua Sha, the accessory of the stars

Often made of Rose Quartz, the Gua Sha joins the jade roller on the fashionable face accessories catwalk in recent years. Its name can be interpreted as “who cures the disease” and it too comes straight from Asia. Combined with lymphatic massage, it helps release toxins from the skin and circulate lymph and blood more evenly. Its shape is also well studied and makes the stone manageable and usable on each part of the face. The result? Smoother skin and a radiant complexion. There are many benefits associated with the use of this stone, which again, also result from the practice of associated massage:

  • Anti-aging ;
  • Reduction of dark circles and puffiness;
  • Reduction of age spots;
  • Reduction of imperfections:
  • Regulation of sebum production;
  • Reduction of muscle tension;
  • Better absorption of care …

Gua Sha and jade scroll: how to use them?

Jade roller, like Gua Sha, should not be used alone, as it helps in the good penetration of your cosmetics. It has the advantage of not being porous and does not get filled with bacteria after each use. So remember to clean your face, then apply your serum, eye area, and other lotions before using it with your day or night cream. Apply your cream then massage. It is not enough to simply run the roller over your face, the gestures must be precise and technical. Start at the bridge of the nose and around the eyes, with the smaller of the two stones on your jade roller working your way up to the hairline. Then massage the rest of the face with the large stone from the inside out and from the bottom up, without going back and forth. Finally, finish with the sides of your neck heading towards the center of the collarbone. These actions help to evacuate lymph to the rest of the body and fight against gravity (from bottom to top). This routine should take you between 5 and 10 minutes morning and night to be the most effective.


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