If you have gained waist height, yet you are careful to eat balanced and small amounts, I advise you to avoid these habits that make you gain waist faster.

Do you eat a lot of salt? The sodium forces your body to retain fluids. If you’ve eaten bacon-rich eggs, you can cause inflammation early in the day.

Granola with fruit, granola seems very healthy, but it is prepared on the basis of ingredients rich in sugar and this contribution that you already consume in the fruit. You can buy granola without sugar, but it is better to avoid it.

Coffee with cream, when you drink coffee with cream, you add fat and sugar, it is better if you drink the coffee alone or if you do not get flavor without the cream, you can add milk to it. ‘almond.

Breakfast cereals every day, even if they are whole, because often, although the package says so, they also contain flour and wheat.

Do you drink water as soon as you get up? Most don’t drink it and it causes a sluggish metabolism that affects your height as it doesn’t help with function and waste disposal.

You eat a lot of dairy products, if you are one of those who have milk for breakfast, eat a dish with cheese, and a snack with yogurt, you are causing inflammation and in the long run likely weight gain.

You skip breakfast or just eat fruit! Not only do you slow down your metabolism, but you also get eaten more because you get very hungry in no time and eat anything.

As you can see, these are habits that we do without thinking but impact our weight and height.