Acne scars leave marks on our blemish-prone skin that we could do without a really grueling battle with pimples. Whether they form more or less deep and regular craters, whether they are similar to deep bites or whether they are simply swollen, our view on these memories left by severe acne attacks or not remains the same: we would do without it! To reduce its appearance, it takes patience and the right products. Like tomatoes, honey, or even lemon, carrot is one of them thanks to its vitamin A content, especially a beta-carotene. However, our skin adores them! Vitamin A is great for redness and acne scars. Here’s how to make a great mask to fight acne scars with very few ingredients and without a dermatologist.

Ingredients :

A large carrot
Of flour

The Carrot Acne Scar Mask Recipe

1) Wash and prepare the carrot. Cut it roughly.

2) Mix the vegetable until the texture is smooth.

3) To make the texture more pleasant and easier to apply, add a little flour.

4) Apply this mixture to the skin, concentrating especially on the areas that need it, where the pigment spots and each scar are. Then leave on for 10 minutes.

5) Rinse off with lukewarm water and gently pat your face dry with your towel. Apply a dab of moisturizer (day cream or night cream) to leave the skin hydrated.

It is important to wear this mask very regularly to see rapid results. In addition, it gives the skin a soft and healthy glow. Like rosehip oil (a vegetable oil rich in vitamin E ideal for sensitive skin) and aloe vera, this mask also helps fight stretch marks and age spots in mature skin linked to aging skin. It provides the skin with the very effective regeneration and healing it needs.