Is facial dryness related to stomach aches?

The skin becomes dehydrated due to the coldness of the weather and also due to pathological reasons such as an imbalance in metabolism and a lack of activity of the thyroid gland or a lack of fat secretion caused by sebaceous glands in the body that contribute to moisturizing the skin, and this may be due to diabetes, whose symptoms are some of the symptoms of dry skin.

stomach medications are considered a cause of dry skin on the face, and these drugs include diuresis or acne medication and allergy medication.
Also, aging causes dry skin, which reduces the ability of cells to hold water in them, and thus dryness, and this makes the skin in the elderly vulnerable to wrinkles and more ready for that.

Also, frequent showering with hot water more than once a day leads to the removal of the fatty layer that covers the skin and increases the moisture content in it, and hot water works to vaporize a percentage of the water in the cells.

As well as the use of alkaline soap types, which contain a percentage of perfumes that contribute to dryness of the face in addition to the exposure of the skin to the sun’s heat continuously, and the use of chemicals are factors that help in dehydration as well. Helps dry skin, especially facial skin