5 Best Hair Growth Supplements

5 Best Hair Growth Supplements – Want long mermaid hair? But is your hair not growing fast enough for your tastes? Good news! With a few food supplements and a healthy lifestyle, it is possible to accelerate hair growth and quickly gain a few centimeters.

An unbalanced diet, poor quality sleep, or even a stressful lifestyle can lead to adverse effects on the health of the hair and thus slows down its growth. It is therefore important to have a healthy lifestyle, good quality restorative sleep, and to listen to your body. It is also necessary to get into the habit of doing regular home treatments to hydrate and nourish your lengths.

While eating a balanced and varied diet is essential for hair growth, focusing on food supplements can be very effective in overcoming certain shortcomings. Magnesium, iron, vitamins, and sulfur proteins are essential elements for healthy hair. Often in the form of capsules, these supplements make the hair healthier and stronger which thus grows faster.

What do hair supplements contain?

Europe, then France since March 2006, has defined very precisely what a food supplement is and what may or may not contain. The definition is very precise, it indicates that food supplements are foodstuffs whose purpose is to supplement a normal diet and which constitute a concentrated source of nutrients or other substances having a nutritional or physiological effect alone or in combination, marketed in the form of doses. Therefore, a food supplement can be sold in capsules, lozenges, tablets, ampoules, or in sachets.

Here is a quick overview of the many benefits that certain food supplements have for the hair:

  • Acides aminés soufrés (méthionine et cystéine): indispensables à la synthèse de la kératine.
  • Fer : aide à oxygéner et maintenir en vie les follicules pileux et les racines.
  • Oligo-éléments (magnésium et le zinc) : préviennent le vieillissement prématuré du cheveu en protégeant les contre les radicaux libres (déchets toxiques rejetés lors des réactions cellulaires).
  • Vitamine B3 (PP ou Niacine) : accroît le flux du sang jusqu’à la racine du cheveu.
  • Vitamine B5 (Acide pantothénique) : stimule la pousse du cheveu.
  • Vitamine B6 (Pyridoxine) : indispensable au métabolisme des protéines soufrées de la kératine.
  • Vitamine B8 (H ou Biotine) : contrôle la sécrétion de sébum. Accélérer la pousse des cheveux.
  • Vitamine A & E : contribuent à la protection de la fibre capillaire.
  • Silicium : contribue à augmenter la force, l’élasticité, la résistance des cheveux.

Beer yeast

Considered to be the natural food supplement richest in vitamins of group B, elements necessary for the synthesis of keratin, essential constituent of the hair. The interest of brewer’s yeast also lies in their specific composition: vitamins, minerals, and trace elements (Zinc and Magnesium). Usually presented in the form of flakes, tablets, or capsules. Whatever form is chosen, a brewer’s yeast cure can last from 1 month to 3 months, to be renewed if necessary.

Royal jelly

Whitish and gelatinous, with a taste both sweet and sour, royal jelly also called “bee milk” is rich in vitamins (especially B1 and B5), minerals, carbohydrates, lipids, and trace elements (Zinc and Magnesium ). To obtain beautiful hair, it is advisable to make a cure of a few weeks, even a few months. For an optimal result, it is recommended to couple the royal jelly with the pollen or brewer’s yeast intake. However, it is not recommended for people with allergies to honey, pollen, and bee stings.

Soy lecithin

Rich in fatty acids, choline, phosphates, and group B vitamins, soy lecithin is particularly recommended for dry and fragile hair, because it contributes to cell renewal. Naturally present in soybeans, this relatively oily substance hydrates and revitalizes the hair in depth, while accelerating its growth. Usually presented in the form of capsules, granules, or tablets.


Thanks to its exceptional composition of proteins, amino acids, trace elements, and vitamins, pollen has all the essential elements to act on the entire hair, from root to tip. Demineralization, toning, detoxification, hydration… the list of its virtues is long! In short, pollen is the basis of any food supplement specially intended for hair: Prevent hair loss, stimulate growth, purify the scalp, eliminate dandruff, etc.


Rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements, spirulina is considered one of the best natural remedies to promote the synthesis of keratin and accelerate hair growth. It also prevents hair loss and gives it volume, shine, and thickness. Spirulina is found in three forms: powder, flakes or capsules, and tablets. A 3-month cure is ideal to benefit from all the benefits of this product.

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