9 tips for beautiful lips

9 tips for beautiful lips – Here are 9 simple tips to keep your lips beautiful. Just like the eyes, our lips also enhance the appeal of our face. Due to pollution and the widespread use of harsh cosmetics, lips tend to become dull and lose their natural beauty over time. And we are forced to depend on cosmetics even more.

Natural beauty tips for lips

1: Use lipsticks sparingly.

Lipsticks are basically a mixture of wax, pigments, perfumes, oils, and alcohol. And different types of waxes, oils, and pigments are used in combination to achieve the desired product. So many chemicals are not the best option for prolonged contact with the body, but how do you do without them? Maybe try this natural “homemade” lipstick recipe! Otherwise, only use lipstick when you need it most. They contain chemicals that are not good for the lips.

Make sure to use lipsticks with shea butter, vitamin E, jojoba oil, etc. that hydrate your lips. Go for a tinted lip balm instead of lipstick for regular use, and brands like Nivea and Maybelline have very good ones.

2: Moisturize your lips.

Water makes up about 50% to 60% of our body. It is therefore obvious that it is essential to maintain the required percentage, otherwise, the effects will be felt on your skin. Your lips being the least naturally equipped for self-hydration, they are the first to show the effects.

To maintain the natural color of the lips, it is essential to maintain hydration levels by drinking plenty of water throughout the day to retain the natural hydration of your lips, especially during winters where we often tend to drink less water and where dehydration is noticed.

Additionally, add fruits like cucumber, watermelon, orange, grapefruit, and lemon to your diet.

3: Avoid licking or biting your lips + Moisturize.

Dermatologists, therefore, advise us not to lick our lips to keep them moist because in this process you are making them drier, which can lead to dryness and darkening of the lips. The habit of biting the lips should be avoided as there is the risk of damaging them, instead, keep a moisturizing lip balm handy for application as it protects and conditions your lips.

Licking your lips and lip balm is an idiosyncrasy that many people suffer from. It is a reaction to nervousness or stress. It might calm your nerves then, but the long-term damage it causes to your lips is very hard. It leaves them dry, chapped, and even bleeding on occasion.

The best way to avoid this is to stop using flavored lip balms first and make a conscious effort to adopt other ways of relieving stress.

4: Use lip products with sun protection.

Exposure to the sun’s rays can cause the lips to darken. UV rays have the same harmful effect on the lips as they do on the skin. Always use lip products that contain UV protection index (SPF) to protect your lips when you need to spend time outdoors during the day.

Many well-known brands sell lipsticks, glosses, and lip balms (tinted and untinted) with sun protection.

5: Exfoliate at least once a week.

Skin cells undergo a constant process of replacing the layer of dead cells on the surface of the skin with a new layer of cells. It is the process that keeps the skin soft and supple. But when this layer isn’t completely removed, your skin looks dead and dull. The same also happens with your lips.

Use a natural lip scrub at least once a week to remove dead cells and dry skin from your lips. You can mix olive oil and sugar and use it for exfoliation. After rinsing is complete, apply healing butter or your favorite lip moisturizer.

Surprisingly, this is one of the most popular tips for having beautiful lips.

6: Keep the moisture in your lips.

Lack of moisture leads to a lot of our lip problems. It is, therefore, preferable to be preventive. Spray mist on your handkerchief and hold it to your lips. Press lightly. It helps to retain moisture.

7: Prevent wrinkles around the lips.

Wrinkles around the lips are caused by sun exposure, aging or smoking, and alcohol. If you smoke, then quit. This is your only solution.

But if the causes are either of the other two, then you need to make sure that this area of ​​your face is hydrated with a cream that contains anti-aging ingredients like retinol.

8: Get rid of cold sores.

Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus type 1. Wait, don’t be embarrassed! About 90% of people around the world have this virus in a dormant form. And when it’s too exposed to the sun or when it’s stressed and sick, it appears without warning.

The best way to prevent it is to use a broad-spectrum screen at all times. But if they still manage to get out, use a lemon-based ointment or cream.

9: Homemade Beauty Tips For The Lips

Soft pink lips are something we all want. Here are some tips that you can do without chemicals and can easily be done at home.

  • Mix a little almond oil and honey; apply, massage, and leave on your lips overnight.
  • To get rid of dry, chapped lips, apply petroleum jelly mixed with olive oil 3-4 times a day.
  • The mixture of lime juice + vegetable glycerin, used overnight on a daily basis helps to brighten the lips.

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