3 tips to smell good under the armpits from morning to night and avoid sweating

3 tips to smell good under the armpits from morning to night and avoid sweating – In winter, although we have said goodbye to the heat of summer for a long time, the perspiration is still there and bad odors are therefore felt because of the bacteria that develop under the armpits. And in big sweaters, the smells macerate and it’s not very pleasant. When summer is when you sweat the most, unpleasant body odors are much more pronounced! Here are three tips that will help you smell great from morning to night and fight sweat. Long live natural products as a very effective replacement for chemical deodorants!

1) The simplest deodorant to smell good, yet super effective

To avoid odors, a great classic is palmarosa essential oil, which eliminates bacteria and odors associated with excessive sweating. To do this, simply massage one to two drops into the armpit each morning. Repeat as needed during the day (plus a vial of essential oil takes up less space in the bag, desk drawer, or locker room than a deodorant).

Remember that the deodorant is only used to fight odors and has no particular antiperspirant effect. If you sweat a lot, try the tips below instead.

2) The antiperspirant lotion with a fresh scent to smell good

In a bottle, combine 50 ml of apricot kernel oil, 30 drops of bitter orange essential oil, 20 drops of lemon essential oil, and 10 drops of sage essential oil. Apply it to your armpits and wipe off any excess with a tissue. Let dry well before dressing so that the skin absorbs it well.

3) A hydrosol and aromatic water against perspiration

You can use a pure sage hydrosol applied under the armpits to regulate excessive sweating. Grapefruit aromatic water is also a great choice when you suffer from excessive sweating.

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