What is a jade roller

What is a jade roller Essential beauty accessory in Asian countries for millennia. Beauty blogs speak of it as a magic wand that allows:

  • To have young and toned facial skin.
  • In a few minutes, you say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Dark circles are eliminated.
  • The skin is tightened and the face is illuminated

The jade scroll is a beautiful decorative object with its colors. Depending on the deposit where it was mined, jade stone can be more translucent or more opaque.
However, between us you will be able to find some in other colors like pink, gray, black … but don’t get me wrong, because they are not jade rollers, because the stones are quartz, amethyst, black obsidian or even red jasper. Anyway, is the Jade Scroll a magical item or a booby trap?

The description of the jade roller

Jade roller is a kind of mini paint roller made up of two oval jade stones of different sizes at both ends. The larger one is for massaging large areas of the face such as the forehead, cheeks, jaw, and neck, and the smaller one is intended for eye and mouth contours as well as the nose. Used from the 7th century to the 17th century in Asia, this accessory was very popular among the Chinese aristocracy and upper-middle class. In fact, some princesses were buried with their jade scrolls when they died.

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The history of the jade roller

According to history, it was used much earlier than this time by the Mayans and Egyptians (around 5,000 years ago). After years of heavy use, the Jade Scroll sinks into oblivion. A few years ago, he made a big entry into the world of beauty thanks to followers of lithotherapy (stone therapy) and social networks.

why jade?

traditional Chinese medicine attributes a lot of benefits to jade stone. Thus, jade was associated with immortality, health, luck, and prosperity. The Chinese wore it as a jewel to protect themselves from bad waves, attract good luck, and be at peace with themselves. According to popular belief, jade was a healing stone. Indeed, the person wearing it became stronger, as his qi or life energy merged with the spirit of the stone. Even today, jade is used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat many ailments. Likewise, in the West, this healing stone is also widely used in lithotherapy.

Where can I find a jade scroll?

Few shops sell traditional jade rolls to real jade stones. You can of course find it on online shopping sites, but the qualities may not be there. In this case, we advise you to buy only from trusted sites. In any case, to be sure to find an authentic product, it is advisable to go to a Chinese massage parlor. While this does not eliminate the risks (it is indeed possible that the sellers themselves may not be aware that the product is a counterfeit), at least it decreases them.



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