3 Homemade Skin Toners

Homemade skin toners are great to use in the summer or on extremely dry skin. They will moisturize and tighten pores, clear away any impurities, and moisturize the skin to keep it soft and supple. Toner is a homemade skin toner made with lemon juice, honey, and other natural ingredients. There are many benefits to using homemade skin toners to maintain or improve your skin’s health and beauty. There are many homemade remedies that are effective for treating acne breakouts and other problems of this type.

Homemade skin toners can be used on oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, or acne-prone skin. All you have to do is get ingredients from around your home and combine them to make a great toner. Some of the most common ingredients include lemon juice, sugar, lemon extract, cinnamon, ginger, and other spices or herbs. These ingredients make a great base for other herbs and ingredients that can be added to the mixture to create a variety of skin toners that you can create based on your needs.

Top 5 DIY Homemade Skin Toners:

1. Rice Water Toner

You will need:3 Homemade Skin Toners

  • 1/2 cup rice
  • water

How to make and use:

  • Wash rice well from 2 – 3 times to remove any dirt or impurities.
  • Then soaked rice was washed into a pot for 30 – 45 minutes.
  • We put rice water in a clean spray bottle.
  • Spray rice water on your face after cleansing with a moderate disinfectant.


  • Rice water helps to minimize the appearance of pores and tighten skin.
  • It helps heal acne and cools the redness of an outbreak.
  • It helps you achieve clear Porcelain skin by diminishing dark spots and blemishes.

2. Rose Water toner

You will need:

  • Fresh Rose petals
  • Water

How to make and use:

  • Wash the rose petals well.3 Homemade Skin Toners
  • Place the rose petals in a bowl and add distilled water over the
  • ┬ápetals.
  • Add enough quantity only to cover the petals.
  • Heat water on low flame and cover pot.
  • Leave it to boil until the petals lose their colors and have the water on the color of roses.
  • Turn off the flame. Let her cool. Water pressure and storage in a spray bottle for easy use.
  • It is suggested to stay in a refrigerator to use longer.
  • Spray water radiator water on your face, twice to three times a day.


  • Help maintain skin moisture and healthy
  • Restore the natural pH levels of the skin because they calm, feed, and moisturize the skin.
  • It is amazing for sensitive skin because it will not be forced.
  • Using fried rose water keep your skin cool, transfer flexibility in your skin texture and prevent the emergence of acne.

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3. Cucumber Toner

You will need:3 Homemade Skin Toners

  • 1 Cucumber
  • 1 cup of Water

How to make and use:

  • Take a new option and cut it into small pieces.
  • Water options.
  • Filter the juice.
  • Store them in the spray bottle and leave the cold in the refrigerator for some time.
  • Apply chilled cucumber toner onto your face using a cotton pad.


  • Options to improve and renew your skin
  • It helps to treat freckles and defects.
  • Drink a daily choice of juice for normal glowing skin.

Benefits of Using Skin Toners

  1. Cleanses pores.
  2. Removes dirt and grime.
  3. Reduces redness.
  4. Improves overall skin health.
  5. Helps prevent breakouts.
  6. Keeps wrinkles away.
  7. Makes skin feel soft.
  8. Moisturizes dry skin.
  9. Prevents blackheads.
  10. Softens skin.
  11. Treats blemishes.
  12. 1Lightens dark spots

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