If you’re looking to get ready for an event, party, special occasion, or date, then you’ll want to make sure that you’ve got the right products to create the perfect look. Whether you’re going out for dinner, attending a wedding, or even just heading out for drinks with friends, having the right makeup routine products can really set you apart from the crowd.

But what exactly do you need to create the perfect look? In this article, I’m going to talk you through the different makeup products that you’ll need to create the perfect makeup look.

1) Foundation – This is one product that most people will have in their bathroom already! But if it’s not working well enough for your skin type and needs, then there are other options available too. You could also use concealer under liquid foundation as another option.

blank2) Concealer– If you don’t wear much eye makeup but still want to cover up any dark circles or blemishes on your eyes, then using a good quality concealer underneath your foundation should be able to help.



3) Powder Brush– A powder brush allows you to apply loose powder over your entire face which helps give you a more airbrushed finish. It’s especially useful for creating smokey eye makeup when combined with some black eyeliner.

4) Eyeliner Pencils/liquid eyeliner -An eyeliner pencil case contains all the colors that you’ll ever need at hand so that they aren’t lost amongst everything else in your bag. They come in varying lengths meaning that you won’t always have to reach into your bag for them. Some cases contain multiple compartments allowing you to keep your liners organized by length.

blank5) Blush Brush– The blush brush comes in handy because it means that you only have to grab one item instead of getting out two or three brushes. There are many shapes including fan-shaped brushes, bristle brushes, and angled blending brushes. 6) Lipstick & Lipsalve Balms- These items go together like peanut butter and jelly; without either nothing would taste quite right! When choosing lipsticks ensure that you choose shades that complement each other and match your skin tone. For balms, stick to ones that smell nice rather than strongly scented varieties.

7) Mascara– As we mentioned before mascara goes great with lipstick however it doesn’t work very well with every shade. So try mixing up your mascaras depending on whether you prefer bold lashes or natural-looking lashes.

8 ) Eyeshadow Palette– Having several shadows within easy reach saves time and makes applying shadow easier. Choose between matte, shimmering, and glitter finishes depending on how you’d like to style your eyes.

9) Highlighter– To add extra sparkle to your face, highlighters are essential. Try something subtle such as bronzer or contour kinkier.

10) Bronzing Kit– Bronzers are used to highlight certain areas of the face such as cheekbones, nose bridge, and jawline. Use these sparingly though as too much highlighting can end up making you appear washed out.

11) Contouring Kit– Using a contouring kit gives you the opportunity to define specific features of your face. Depending on where you wish to draw attention away from, you may find yourself needing to blend the color down towards your neckline.

12) Makeup Remover Wipes– With make-up wipes being so cheap nowadays, why wouldn’t you buy a pack just in case you forget yours?!

13) Setting Spray– Setting sprays are perfect for keeping your makeup in place throughout the day. Whether you’re going somewhere formal or simply heading off to school, setting spray ensures that no matter what happens during the day, your look stays put until bedtime.

14) Compact Mirror– Most compact mirrors are small enough to fit inside your purse but large enough to see clearly. This is ideal if you want to check your makeup while walking around town.

15)  CC Cream-If you are new to wearing foundation or aren’t sure what type/shade is right for you, I’d highly recommend going to your nearest Sephora MAC, or department store and have a makeup artist help you pick out one that matches your complexion and fits your coverage needs. See our guide to the best foundations, with our picks for liquid, cream, and powder foundation.

CC creams were created by dermatologists because they provide an alternative to traditional BB creams without being too heavy. They offer light coverage while providing sun protection from UVA & UVB rays.

16) Eyebrows Pencil  – Whitfield recommends pencils because they allow her to get into those hard-to-reach areas. “They blend well and don’t smudge when I’m done,” she explains. MAC Browzilian Eyebrows Pencil is a favorite among both pros. It offers full control over brow shape and color while staying soft enough to apply smoothly.

blank17) Lip color-At times, however, it can also seem daunting to know exactly the order in which to apply a full face or in general how to apply it. “In reality, there are only so many products you can successfully put on and they must be applied with a strategy that’s not more is better,” says Shawn Towne, makeup artist and global educator for Jane Iredale Cosmetics Before you begin applying your color cosmetics, allow your skin-care products (think moisturizer! And remember: When it comes to layering your makeup, you need to consider the texture first, says Towne. “Look for a liquid foundation or BB cream, depending on the desired level of coverage, with skin-care-like benefits,” says Towne. While there are a variety of textures and finishes for concealers, look for one that offers buildable coverage meaning that it’s sheer enough to even skin tone but also can be layered appropriately to cover up hormonal zits and such.

Skin Types

There are 3 main types of skin that most women experience: Oily Skin, Normal/Combination Skin, Dry Skin. Each skin type requires its own set of makeup products.


People with oily skin tend to get shiny easily because their face naturally produces oil. This means they need moisturizer every day. They also tend to break out due to excess sebum production.


This refers to people who don’t produce any more oil than normal but still suffer from acne. People with combination skin usually require less foundation than those with dry skin. However, this does not mean that they should use none at all. A good base will help keep them looking fresh even when wearing heavy makeup.


Dry skin tends to be flaky and has little moisture retention. It’s important to apply lotion regularly to prevent chapping. If you have dry skin, avoid using powder foundations since they cake onto the surface and leave an uncomfortable film behind. Instead, opt for liquid formulas which provide better coverage. You’ll probably need to If wear you a have primer dry underneath skin your then foundation you’ll to probably give benefit it from some using added a staying SPF power.


daily. Foundations You come might also be different consider forms. trying some are anti-aging designed creams to which cover contain blemishes, retinol.

Others How conceal Much dark Do circle I under Need?

The eye, amount, and of yet makeup others needed offer depends sheer on coverage. the person, their lifestyle, and the occasion. Some days you won’t wear anything whereas on others you’ll feel compelled to cover everything up. Here are some guidelines to follow:

1.) Apply sunscreen first thing in the morning before applying before makeup. applying Sunscreen any helps other protection products. against Sunscreen UV protects rays against which UVA can rays, cause as premature well aging as and UVB wrinkles.

2.) Choose Choose a light lightweight tinted formula moisturizer as over opposed to a heavier one. that feels lighter too formula thick. provides a lighter dewy finish product, without the leaving easier too it much is shine.

3.) blend Use into a matte skin bronzer without instead leaving lines.

3.) shimmery Use one. a Matte translucent bronzers powder work to best set for your covering makeup. In imperfections, Powder acts like freckles, moles, barrier scars, between, etc., your and skin and other ingredients such as mascara and lipstick.

4.) When choosing a foundation, choose something matte rather than dewy. mattes look great on everyone regardless of age or skin tone. Dewy finishes make you appear younger by making your skin seem smoother.

5.) Avoid Using Too Many Products! Don’t try to achieve perfection with multiple layers of makeup. Your goal should be to create a flawless canvas upon which you add color and texture.

6.) Wear Foundation Lasting Power Makeup Tips

If you’re going to wear makeup throughout the day, remember to reapply after washing your hands and removing makeup.

7.) Try out new products every once in a while. New makeup product often has exciting features that may improve how your makeup looks. For example, if you’ve been using a particular brand of eyeshadow forever, why not switch brands? Or maybe you want to experiment with a new type of eyeliner. There’s no harm in giving these things a shot. Just know what works for you so you can stick with it.

8.) Keep your makeup brushes clean. Dirty brushes will spread dirt all over your face. Clean them at least twice per week.

9.) Brush off excess powder when finished. This keeps your brush cleaner and prevents clogging.

10.) Get rid of old cosmetics. Old makeup product doesn’t just sit there doing nothing; it collects dust and bacteria. Throw away expired items immediately.

11.) Wash your face thoroughly each time you remove makeup. Washing removes oil buildup and makes your complexion more radiant.

12.) Moisturize regularly. Dry skin tends to get flaky and irritated easily. A good moisturizing routine includes cleansing, exfoliating, toning, hydrating, and protecting.

13.) If you use an SPF lotion daily, apply it 30 minutes prior to sun exposure. That way, your body has enough time to absorb the protection while still allowing adequate time for your skin to repair itself from the damage caused by ultraviolet radiation.

14.) Protect your lips. Lip balm is essential because they are very sensitive to sunlight. It also contains antioxidants that help prevent free radical formation.

15.) Take care of your eyebrows. They grow about half an inch a month, but most people don’t notice until their brows start looking sparse. To keep them healthy, trim them frequently and shape them gently with tweezers.

16.) Exfoliate regularly. Scrubbing your face helps loosen dead cells and unclogs pores. You’ll feel refreshed afterward.

17.) Drink plenty of water. Water helps flush toxins through your system and keeps your skin hydrated.

18.) Eat well-balanced meals. Healthy foods contain vitamins and minerals that nourish your skin.